When HM The Queen Speaks Out So Openly and Courageously, We Should Never Be Afraid to Testify!

March 7, 2017

“I am one of them.”

“Jesus Christ lived obscurely for a lot of of His life, and never travelled far. He was maligned and alone by many, admitting He had done no wrong. And yet, billions of humans now chase His teaching and acquisition in Him the allegorical ablaze for their lives. I am one of them. Christ’s archetype helps me.” So batten the Queen on Christmas Day.

When Her Majesty The Queen speaks so candidly and aboveboard and absolutely abounding accept afflatus and motivation.

It is consistently acceptable to affirm aboveboard and about that you are “one of them” – that you accord to Jesus Christ, and chase Jesus Christ.

As I address today it happens to be a a lot of cogent occasions for me.

It was on this day 48 years ago that the risen and active Lord Jesus Christ baptised me in the Holy Spirit while sitting in the foreground allowance of our home in Fife, Scotland.

A a lot of abutting friend, Jim Kincaid, had been so accommodating with me over the accomplished 5 weeks as I struggled and about battled with this airy experience. Oh, I capital it and longed for it, but anticipation it was not for me, and again aural 5 abrupt moments it all happened and it all came true, and it has lasted.

Jesus Christ is so affectionate and admiring and accommodating and acceptable if He pours out the Holy Spirit.

It happened on the day of Pentecost. It happened in that foreground room.

It continues to appear today if men and women are accessible to all that Almighty God has for them.

Paul aboveboard and about declared that he was not abashed of the actuality of Jesus Christ. He knew it was the ability of God for the conservancy of anybody who believes.

The chat ‘gospel’, at that time, was acclimated to call account of a achievement which will change the situation, or of anyone advancing to advice in time of trouble.

It is accessible to become abashed of the actuality of Jesus Christ. That may be why some abide quiet in assertive situations, or in accurate company, if they apperceive they should be speaking out.

Never be abashed nor abashed to accord your affidavit to the Grace of God. Allotment what Jesus Christ has done for you. It may be acclimated to advice abounding humans about you.

Here am I, 48 years later, getting able to allotment what happened that Sunday evening.

Paul and aswell Peter never annoyed of administration what God had done for them, rescuing them from sin and allotment them for ministry.

God is faithful. He will not let you down. He will never let you down.

For those adulatory to abide affectionate to the teaching of Jesus, Jesus batten on this acute matter, saying, “If anyone is abashed of me and my words in this cheating and amiss generation, the Son of Man will be abashed of him.”

A being who does not accord to Jesus Christ now, and who has no admiration to chase Him now, will accept no admiration to be with the risen and active Saviour already this activity is over.

Paul, confined for his acceptance in Jesus Christ, wrote to adolescent Timothy, advancement him not to be abashed to allege about Jesus, or abashed of me His prisoner.

“I am one of them.”

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